Who rescued Who?

The other day as I was hiking with my dogs through Springbank Park I met a man who was also walking along the same path with his dog.

As we walked along we started chatting. He shared with me that his dog was a rescue and was a little shy because of his rough beginnings in life. I told him that my dogs were both also ‘rescues’. His response surprised me and didn’t sit right with me. He said, “Wow! Two rescue dogs, that was really NICE of you!!”

That got me thinking. What didn’t feel ‘right’ about what he said? Why was it that it caught me off guard?

I suppose it is because I never considered myself the one who was being ‘nice’ at all. I have always loved dogs and wanted a furry companion in my life. That was why I sought out my girls.

My two ‘rescue’ girls are constant companions for me and are always at my side. They ask little of me, yet their crazy antics provide me with a laugh each and every day. When I come home after being away they both are so happy to see me that they look like they are trying to wiggle right out of their skins to greet me. The second I lift my head off the pillow each morning, they start pounding their tails on the floor in applause.

Who rescued who?

If you are an animal lover who has the time and lifestyle that would allow you to have a pet, and are considering adopting one from a rescue then what is stopping you? I have never regretted adopting my girls for a moment!

In my experience, the love that you give to your dog is returned 100 fold back to you!

Here are some links to local animal rescues:

Paws-United is entirely volunteer run and has many wonderful foster homes that are willing to care for these dogs until adoption. We supply all necessities to these families including food, crates, bedding, toys and treats. In addition we take responsibility for all vet bills and medical expenses. All of our foster homes are located in the London and Strathroy areas.

ARF Ontario is based in London, Ontario, formed by long-time ARF Alberta volunteers. The Animal Rescue Foundation of Ontario works with local First Nations areas and Rural communities to help find permanent loving homes for unwanted strays.

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