Where are you right now?

So often we get caught up in our minds worrying about what will happen next or reliving past events that we don’t take time to appreciate where we are right now and who we are with.

Take a moment to look around you. Feel the warm sunshine coming through the window and brightening your day, breathe in the fresh air as you walk through the park, see the tree branches moving as a squirrel scurries over them. Look into the eyes of the person you are talking to.  Hear what they are really saying to you.

Really pause and take time to experience the now.  

It is all you will ever have.

Yesterday is past and tomorrow is forever in the future.

This is a snapshot of my cute tea mug that I like to look at to remind me to be ‘present’. If these little animals had their eyes any more wide open….well…they are either ‘present’ or just drank too much coffee. 😉



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