Relaxing and Invigorating Candlelight Yoga

Welcome the New Year in with Ladies Candlelight Yoga!!!!

How would you like to join us at ‘Love Yoga Love’ private yoga studio for some relaxing and invigorating YOGA by Candlelight to bring in the new year!!?!?!

Welcome in the New Year with Winter Hatha Flow Yoga Series @ Love Yoga Love private studio in Byron – Starts January 5th!!!

Join us for the winter 7 class series.

Classes are 6:30-7:30pm on Tuesday nights. 

You can sign up for all 7 classes or just attend on the weeks you choose to – it’s up to you!!

Series begins January 5th and runs through until February 16th.

Don’t be shy – New yogis are always welcome to join us mid-series. This is a very friendly and welcoming group of beginners and also more experienced yoga practitioners!

Look forward to meeting you on our mats!!!

$90 for full 7 week series (only about $13/class!)

$60 for a 4 class pass (good for 2 months from purchase date)

$20 drop-in price

Feel free to sign-up here, through (Byron Small Group Yoga) or to contact Laura @ 519 670 2201 to sign-up!

(Note that you can typically expect 6-10 people in the class each week. This is a very friendly and welcoming group )

Also we are on (Byron Small Group Yoga) and on Facebook: Love Yoga Love



Wishing You a Peaceful Holiday Season

Happy Holidays Yogis!!!! from Love Yoga Love in Byron!

This is the time of year that many of us look forward to reconnecting with family and friends and spending lots of time together with them to celebrate the season.

Although this can be a happy and loving time of year it can also be one where we are more emotionally charged and sensitive than usual.  This can cause us to hold high and perhaps unreasonable expectations of our loved ones. It is important during this time to remember that we are all human and are all experiencing many of the same stresses, hopes and fears. Try to bring with you a sense of gratitude and acceptance. Try to be ‘present’ with your loved ones, really truly listen to what they are really saying and look into their eyes. One of the greatest gifts you can give is that of really hearing someone, of giving them your full attention.  You would be surprised how rare a gift that can be!

But life isn’t something that should be edited. Life shouldn’t be cut. The only way you’ll ever discover what it truly means to be alive and human is by sharing the full experience of what it means to be human and each blemish and freckle that comes with it.
Iain Thomas


Life Changing Holiday Challenge from Love Yoga Love to you – calling all Yogis!!

OMG!!! Shockingly Life Changing!

Are you up for trying a 21 day mindfulness challenge with me?!?!?!!

It has been proven again and again that our words and thoughts have great impact on our moods and emotions. So it only stands to reason that being more conscious and in control over the negativity in our lives can be life changing! Right? Absolutely!

Soooooo…….. here goes….over this busy and oh so stressful holiday season I have decided to take a 21 day challenge!!

My goal is to become more mindful and conscious of negative thoughts and words that may be slipping into my day to day life – even achieving 7 solid days of success in keeping this negativity out of your life has been said to be life changing by people who have tried it (thanks Tim Ferriss!!).

Care to join me?!

Heres how…..

1) Choose a ring or bracelet and wear it on your left hand side..

2) Keep wearing the jewelry on that side UNTIL YOU CRITICIZE SOMETHING (without suggesting a solution), or complain about anything or anyone

3) when you catch yourself criticizing or complaining SWITCH SIDES and START YOUR 21 DAYS OVER AT DAY 1!!!!!

Piece of cake? Think you can do 21 days easily? I thought so too…..but…..Surprising not a ‘piece of cake’!!!!

I do not think of myself as a particularly negative person and tend to have a fairly positive outlook on life ….however …. I have already switched sides a number of times since starting this yesterday! Wow!!! Crazy.

(oh shoot….was that a complaint? Do I need to switch sides again…..?! LOL)

Do you dare to try it too? You may surprise yourself and as a result teach yourself more positive habits to help improve your mood and make life all that more fun and pleasant

Love and Light

Love Yoga Love Studio – Byron