It’s Official! Love Yoga Love is open! Thank-you everyone!!!!!!!

Hi Yogis!

Thank-you to everyone from our ‘Byron – Small Group Yoga Classes’ Meet-up group (and also outside of Meet-up!!) who joined our very first class at the new studio on Tuesday March 24th! We had a great time! And it was such a pleasure to meet such amazing ladies and to practice together!

It’s official! Love Yoga Love is now open! 🙂

So thrilled that so many enjoyed the flow yoga class and signed up for the series of four classes! I  look forward to practicing together in the upcoming weeks!

Some of you have been inquiring into a later class time to better match with your schedule, and so I will add another class starting this Tuesday March 31st at 7:30-8:30 pm.  I already have three ladies signed up and there is still room for 2 – 3 more people.  So if this is something you are interested in joining please do sign-up.

I will post the new class details today.




Where are you right now?

So often we get caught up in our minds worrying about what will happen next or reliving past events that we don’t take time to appreciate where we are right now and who we are with.

Take a moment to look around you. Feel the warm sunshine coming through the window and brightening your day, breathe in the fresh air as you walk through the park, see the tree branches moving as a squirrel scurries over them. Look into the eyes of the person you are talking to.  Hear what they are really saying to you.

Really pause and take time to experience the now.  

It is all you will ever have.

Yesterday is past and tomorrow is forever in the future.

This is a snapshot of my cute tea mug that I like to look at to remind me to be ‘present’. If these little animals had their eyes any more wide open….well…they are either ‘present’ or just drank too much coffee. 😉



A Story of unbelievable Personal Integrity

A few days ago I came across someone who stood out to me as having a sense of personal integrity beyond which I have rarely, if ever, seen before.

I was shocked and surprised by his selfless reaction to someone being taken advantage of.

I had hired a painter to help me paint some rooms in my home and I wanted to check in to see if he would be arriving the next day as planned. When he answered the phone he sounded stressed and upset. When I asked him what was going on he explained to me that the current job he is working on is a huge mess and so he is going to need an extra few days to get it done.

I asked him what had happened and why there was a mess. I was confused because from everything I had heard about this painter, his work was exceptional and he paid attention to every detail with utmost care.

He explained to me that this was a basement that had just had drywalling done by someone else. After the drywall was completed his team was called in to paint it.

Everything looked great until the owner installed potlights and turned them on.  At that point it became immediately apparent that the drywalling was not done in proper lighting and so it was not smooth at all! The pot lights in the ceiling now shone down highlighting every flaw!

The owner was beside himself.  The drywaller disappeared and would not answer calls.

So my painter took it upon himself to have his own guys fix the drywalling job and then paint it again completely free of charge! At a cost to himself and also forcing him to push my job back until it is completed! The owner is going to try to find a way to compensate them for their help.


“Your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it is built from the history of your words and actions.”

— Maria Razumich-Zec

Who rescued Who?

The other day as I was hiking with my dogs through Springbank Park I met a man who was also walking along the same path with his dog.

As we walked along we started chatting. He shared with me that his dog was a rescue and was a little shy because of his rough beginnings in life. I told him that my dogs were both also ‘rescues’. His response surprised me and didn’t sit right with me. He said, “Wow! Two rescue dogs, that was really NICE of you!!”

That got me thinking. What didn’t feel ‘right’ about what he said? Why was it that it caught me off guard?

I suppose it is because I never considered myself the one who was being ‘nice’ at all. I have always loved dogs and wanted a furry companion in my life. That was why I sought out my girls.

My two ‘rescue’ girls are constant companions for me and are always at my side. They ask little of me, yet their crazy antics provide me with a laugh each and every day. When I come home after being away they both are so happy to see me that they look like they are trying to wiggle right out of their skins to greet me. The second I lift my head off the pillow each morning, they start pounding their tails on the floor in applause.

Who rescued who?

If you are an animal lover who has the time and lifestyle that would allow you to have a pet, and are considering adopting one from a rescue then what is stopping you? I have never regretted adopting my girls for a moment!

In my experience, the love that you give to your dog is returned 100 fold back to you!

Here are some links to local animal rescues:
Paws-United is entirely volunteer run and has many wonderful foster homes that are willing to care for these dogs until adoption. We supply all necessities to these families including food, crates, bedding, toys and treats. In addition we take responsibility for all vet bills and medical expenses. All of our foster homes are located in the London and Strathroy areas.

ARF Ontario is based in London, Ontario, formed by long-time ARF Alberta volunteers. The Animal Rescue Foundation of Ontario works with local First Nations areas and Rural communities to help find permanent loving homes for unwanted strays.

Reuniting with old friends – one of lifes greatest gifts

Today I met with a friend of mine while she was getting her hair done.

That in itself does not sound too special or unusual. Although we have been friends for too many years to count, our lives had taken separate directions years ago and we had fallen out of touch. We had not really connected or even seen each other for quite some time. Seeing her again today was like reuniting with a beloved sister, someone who understands me inside and out. It was like not a day had passed.

Isn’t it such a blessing when we have someone enter our life with who we have such a strong connection that neither space nor time can weaken our bond? Thank-you JS, you mean the world to me! Hugs!

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.”

Eleanor Roosevelt