Love Yoga Love – Candlelight Yoga in Byron

Bring in the New Year with invigorating and Relaxing Candlelight Yoga in Byron!

A few spots are still available to join in for the January/February 2016 Candlelight Yoga 7 week series!! 

Starting Tuesday January 5th @ 6:30-7:30pm in Byron! To sign-up call Laura @ 519 670 2201 or email! Join the entire series, or just join us for a class or two!

We are a private studio in Byron which caters to small group classes on evenings and weekends. In the summer we also have a Haliburton location.

Love Yoga Love is a relaxing and friendly setting where all levels of students are welcome whether you are trying yoga for the first time or whether you are a more experienced yogi with a long time practice.

We offer yoga classes in Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin/Yang styles with focus on linking movement with breath.

Yoga classes typically begin with a short guided meditation or breath work to help you to relax and connect with your breath before moving into the more active and vigorous poses which make up the class.  We wrap up with a restorative and beautiful savasana (this is like the dessert that we all look forward to at the end of a meal!)

Weekly Candlelight Yoga Classes are Tuesdays at 6:30pm! Please see ‘Byron Location’ page for more information

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Why Practice Yoga?

Everyday at work and in our personal lives we have so many demands on us.

At work we can have pressure on us due to workload, expectations, timelines, or maybe even the worry about the security of our job. Information overload and unrealistic expectations sometimes can cause stress and anxiety which throw us off kilter. This can affect our health, breathing, and clarity of mind. Unmanaged stress and anxiety can also impact our ability to perform at our highest level at our career which in turn is a vicious circle that only leads to more stress and anxiety..

At home many of us experience the demands of raising children, the struggle to understand and to meet the needs and expectations of our spouse and loved ones. Sometimes this can lead you to feel drained and exhausted, and therefore not in the best position to be as calm, loving, and ‘present’ as you would like to be for those you care the most about.

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Love Yoga Love – is a private yoga studio dedicated to helping you to take some time just for yourself, to reconnect with who you are, and to experience yoga in a safe and supportive setting. We offer classes for anyone whether you are just trying out yoga for the first time, or whether you have been practising for many years. Your own oasis away from the chaos of day to day life. Not only will you eventually enjoy the benefits that a clearer mind and calmer sense of being will bestow on you but you may even find that rather than immediately ‘reacting’ out of emotion and frustration to the dramas that do come up in your life, you will be in a better place to think clearly about what is really happening and be able to respond in a way that is better thought out and will essentially get you more of the results that you really want to have.

Many people start to practice yoga to ‘get in shape’ or ‘lose a little weight and tone up’.  Yoga is great to help you to achieve and maintain the level of fitness that you want.  However, many people find that once they make a regular yoga practice part of their life that they get so much more out of it than simply a great workout!

  • Firm and tone your muscles
  • Increase body flexibility and body awareness
  • Learn to breath deeply and calmly to better nourish your mind and body
  • Develop a sense of personal integrity on your mat that naturally flows over into your daily life
  • Clear brain fog and enhance your performance at work
  • Reduce stress and anxiety


Quiet your mind and open your heart.